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Transport Airships versus Cargo Jets: The
Environmental Choice

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The environmental movement has been extremely slow at recognizing the benefits that cargo airships might have as a replacement for jet airplanes. However, as the public is being awakened to the pollution inherent in jet airplanes, more news is coming out. Recently Greta Thunberg made the point that jet airplanes are among the worst carbon emitters in the world. Her sailboat trips across the Atlantic Ocean brought out bouquets and brickbats in response to her protest of jet airplanes.

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No one disputes the real problem that jet engines pose to the environment, or the sound economic arguments that support the continuation jet passenger travel. The convenience and speed of jets allow face-to-face meetings on a global scale. Much less valuable targets for carbon reduction should be dealt with first, of which there are many.

The case for dedicated cargo jets is much harder to justify. Flying freight at 800 kmph, just to sit days in a warehouse, is wasteful and deserves flight-shaming. Replacing cargo jets with electric airships would cut air freight carbon emissions without a significant change in supply chain convenience or efficiency.

The giant rigid airships of the 1930s cruised at 145 kmph, carried 70 tons and operated scheduled, non-stop service across oceans. 80 years later, we can do much better. Two factors favour airships’ competitiveness. Airplanes face rising carbon taxes, while electric airships do not. Airplanes are a mature technology, while the limits of cargo airships have yet to be tested with 21st century materials and methods. With economies of size and competition, airship cargo rates should be less than one-quarter of jet aircraft costs.

Northern Canada is the ideal place to begin cargo airship operations. Northern latitudes are experiencing the greatest impact of climate change and the cost of transportation is extremely high. Remote communities that depend on seasonal ice roads are an immediate concern, but melting permafrost threatens all established infrastructure, too. Only cargo airships can transportation large loads across the delicate terrain, without accelerating climate change or affecting the wilderness below.

Human sustainability in the North is as important as preserving the natural environment. Year-round cargo airship service would transform the Northern economy and improve its resilience. Food insecurity, bad housing and poverty could be banished from the indigenous communities. The mining industry would be able to gain economic access to rich mineral deposits. Wind turbine blades could be moved to remote wind farms to power the Arctic homes and businesses. In short, the Northern economy would become more sustainable.

Environmentalists are not the only ones to have been slow to recognize the potential benefits of cargo airships. No new transportation system has ever emerged without the strong support and encouragement of governments. Military contracts and advertising blimps have kept the technology alive, but the Flying Whales development in France is the first public investment in civilian airships since the giant Zeppelins. The French government, has now been joined by investment by China and the Province of Quebec. This is a hopeful sign, because business investment follows government spending, not the other way around.

Cargo airship developments are underway in Brazil, Russia/Israel, France/China, U.K., U.S. and Canada. Like Rip Van Winkle, after sleeping for many decades, the airship industry is teeming with new design ideas and opportunities. The 2020 Aviation Innovations Conference will bring together the international airship industry to meet the commercial and environmental interests in a two-day public forum.

Connect with other leaders and be a part of the conversations moving aviation & aerospace forward in Canada. Connect with one another. Whether you attend, exhibit or participate in one of our networking sessions, you’ll come away with leads to further grow your business in North America by connecting with local and global industries. Showcase your research and academic industry partnerships. Connect with industry-leading employers and learn more about the latest innovations in aviation and aerospace.


Green Supply Chains in Retail and On-line Businesses

“Bricks and Mortar Retail”
“On-line Shopping Trends”
Question Period

Logistics of Remote Mining and Community Services

“Mining in the Remote Areas”
David Willis, Environment and Community Coordinator, DeBeers
“Hauling Fuel to Power the North”
John Wilms, University of Manitoba
Question Period


“Establishing Quebec as the Centre for Cargo Airship Development in Canada”
Pierre Fitzgibbon, Ministre de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, Ministre responsable de la région de Lanaudièr, Province of Quebec

Logistics and Delivery to Remote Areas

"Food and Groceries Distribution Challenges" (Invited)
Travis Lussier, Director, Logistics, North West Company
“Schefferville Nordic Air Bridge”
Elias Hage, President. Gestion Schefferville
Question Period

Transport of Oversized, Indivisible Loads

"Transport Airships: Necessary Enabler for the Scaling of Renewable Energy in the Arctic"
Pierre Rivard, Executive Chairman, TUGLIQ Energy Co
“Last-mile Logistics: How Mat Roads can complement Cargo Airships”
Daniel Blizzard, Project Coordinator, D.Blizzard Integrated Services Inc.
Question Period


“Climate Change and Northern Transportation Policy”
Minister Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs (Invited)

Close to Market Hybrid Aircraft

"Green Air Transport"
Dr. Bob Boyd, Lockheed-Martin
"Building the Varialift Demonstrator"
Alan Handley, President, Varialift (Invited)
Question Period

Rigid Airship Designs

"FLYING WHALES: the revolution of zero-environmental impact on cargo operations"
Sébastien Bougon, President, FLYING WHALES
Development of the Atlant
Gennadiy Verba, Atlas LTA Advanced Technology Ltd.
"The Canadian Airship"
Dale George, CTO. Buoyant Aircraft Systems International
Question Period


Keynote Speaker
"Addressing the Housing Gap in Northern Communities"
"Government of Canada Representative” (Invited)

From Concept to Reality

Chair: Philippe Sabat, Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation
“Government-Industry Relations”
Christine Burow, Marketing, Torngat Metals Ltd.
Question Period

Airship Input Suppliers

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ely Carneiro de Paiva, University of Campinas, Brazil
"Airships in Scope of Contemporary Aviation Research"
Johannes Eissing, Altran Technologies, SA
“Hybrid-electric Power Systems”
“Airship Avionics”
Question Period


Dr.Barry Prentice

Founder, President & CEO of Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI)

Sébastien BOUGON

Founder of Flying Whales

Gennady Verba

President & CEO of RosAeroSystems / Atlas

Dale George

Founder & CTO of Buoyant Aircraft Systems International (BASI)

Alexander Skripalev

Canadian Atlant Company / Conference Co-Chair

Pierre Fitzgibbon

Minister of Economy and Innovation / Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region

Dr. Bob Boyd


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